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“A Christmas Gift” by Sue Moorcroft (blog tour- extract)

This Christmassy read is published by Avon on the 1st November. Today as part of the blog tour, I’m sharing an extract from the book with you.


At lunchtime, Georgine knew she had to let life outside Acting Instrumental intrude, so held back from the rush to the cafeteria. Zipping herself into her jacket, which was an inadequate defence against the sharp wind unless you were running, she slipped outside. She rounded the jut of the big rehearsal room to huddle behind the main building. The garden there was frequented mostly in summer sunshine when the grassy area held more attraction.

She hunched her shoulders against the wind blowing from Siberia, took a deep breath and rang Aidan, knowing that the man who answered would be a lot different to the one she’d met a couple of years ago on a rare visit to a nightclub with Blair. She’d been attracted to his happy-go-lucky nature, maybe because she felt she always had to be so sensible and together. Unfortunately, the happy-go-luckyness later proved to be hugely dependent on the ‘happy’ part. When the going got tough Aidan had retreated into bad moods and deception. He’d even begun taking money from her purse with the excuse that ‘couples share’. When she discovered he’d been unable to pay his share of the household bills and had continually lied that he had savings to cover them, it was the last straw. It was months since she’d called time on their relationship and asked him to move out of her house, yet still she was suffering the repercussions of being involved with him.

He answered, ‘’Lo, Georgine.’ His voice was just as smooth and deep as it had been
when it used to curl her toes, but he also sounded down and defeated.

He wasn’t the only one having a hard time. She dived in. ‘Please sort your debts out. I had collection agents knocking at the door while I was eating my porridge this morning.’

‘No money,’ he replied listlessly.

‘Well, tell them that! You’ve been gone for three months. Stop them coming to my house or give me an address I can pass on.’ She waited. ‘Aidan?’ She checked her phone screen and glared at it. Call ended.


Please click here for more details on how to purchase this book. It’s not too early to start your Christmas reading! 🙂

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