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“The Little Book of Self-Care for New Mums” by Beccy Hands and Alexis Stickland (blog tour- review)

This beauty arrived in a gorgeous little wrapped up package which really set the tone of the book being a special treat for new mums. (Many thanks to Ellie at Ebury Publishing for sending it to me).

This book is like an encyclopedia. It’s packed full of gems for mums such as taking care of your post-natal body, creating pampering sessions, quick recipes that will benefit you (including tips like keeping well hydrated during breast feeding, which you think is obvious but you don’t tend to remember when you are doing it!) and exercise and stretches to help your body physically recover.

The aspect of healing your body and mind was a very important factor in this book and I loved that. So often we tend to want to rush back to normality but the message it conveyed is that it’s ok to take time to heal and to step back from the chaos of life.

Time for a bit of honesty from me. When I had my little one last year, I was not in a great place in my mind. We had gone through losing babies to miscarriage and a difficult pregnancy (at points) as well as an unexpected week long hospital stay after she was born. Something like this book (though I’m not saying it would have been a magic cure) would have been such a help.

A lot of books you read about babies and giving birth etc. tell you how to look after the baby, how to comfort them and be a good parent. All that stuff is good but I loved that this book concentrated on you as a mum and what your needs are. The mum is made to feel special and cared for, which I think is a great thing because if you don’t look after yourself, how can you be a good parent?

The illustrations throughout the book were really striking and added to it being a holistic read and I loved the calming background colours that were used too. The way the book is presented and put together shows that the authors have really taken time to make sure they have covered every aspect of self-care and thought about each component well.

The section about rest, again might be a real eye opener to some. My own parents talked to me about this too as in their homeland of Sri Lanka the baby was almost taken off the mum’s hands by the rest of her family and the mum was given time to rest and recover. The section in the book focuses on that much needed rest and explains how we can maybe adopt that method in other ways in Western society.

There are also stories and tips from mums interspersed through the chapters which again help you feel like you are not alone and that someone else has been there before you and survived! The fact that one of the authors is a doula and the other is a midwife but also quite open and honest about the difficult experiences they have had themselves, is another great aspect of this book.

The overall impression you are left with after reading this is that both authors have really taken the time to make sure every detail about this book is right and they achieve their aim. To make new mums feel cared for, appreciated and not forgotten. The focus is placed on the mum’s healing and her needs and you come away from reading it feeling pampered, appreciated and above all, not alone.

This is going to be something I recommend to all my friends as they come to that point of motherhood in their journey.

“The Little Book of Self-Care for New Mums” is out now and more details are here.

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