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#BehindClosedDoors by @catherinealliot #blogtour @michaeljbooks

Synopsis: From the outside, anyone would think that Lucy Palmer has it all: loving children, a dashing husband and a gorgeous home. But when her marriage to Michael comes to an abrupt and unexpected end, her life is turned upside down in a flash. As the truth of her marriage threatens to surface, Lucy seizes… Continue reading #BehindClosedDoors by @catherinealliot #blogtour @michaeljbooks

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#TheFavour by @lvaughanwrites #blogtour #review @corvusbooks @randomTTours

Synopsis: Fortune favours the fraud... When she was thirteen years old, Ada Howell lost not just her father, but the life she felt she was destined to lead. Now, at eighteen, Ada is given a second chance when her wealthy godmother gifts her with an extravagant art history trip to Italy. In the palazzos of… Continue reading #TheFavour by @lvaughanwrites #blogtour #review @corvusbooks @randomTTours

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#FlappyEntertains by @santamontefiore #blogtour #extract @simonschusteruk

Synopsis: Flappy Scott-Booth is the self-appointed queen bee of Badley Compton, a picturesque Devon village. While her husband Kenneth spends his days on the golf course, she is busy overseeing her beautiful house and gardens, and organising unforgettable events, surrounded by friends who hang on to her every word. Her life is a reflection of… Continue reading #FlappyEntertains by @santamontefiore #blogtour #extract @simonschusteruk

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#SlowMotion by @jepierce16 #blogtour #extract @randomTTours

Synopsis: Westview belongs on a postcard. Quaint, picture-perfect, a tiny New England town steeped in history and traditions.Angela has always been everything people in Westview want her to be. She’s supposed to be happy here, but she’s starting to see all the flaws in her seemingly-perfect life and she’s afraid that everyone else will notice,… Continue reading #SlowMotion by @jepierce16 #blogtour #extract @randomTTours

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#JustFriends by @H0llyMcCulloch #blogtour #review @randomttours

Description: Bea isn't happy. Desperate for a change, she looks to her friends for inspiration. Every single one of them is paired off, perhaps that's what she needs too. So, she starts dating again. But everywhere she goes - amid the hilarious and scarring dates - there's Peter. Good old, oddball Peter, her closest friend… Continue reading #JustFriends by @H0llyMcCulloch #blogtour #review @randomttours

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#OpenWater by @calebanelson #review @vikingbooksuk

Synopsis: Two young people meet at a pub in South East London. Both are Black British, both won scholarships to private schools where they struggled to belong, both are now artists - he a photographer, she a dancer - trying to make their mark in a city that by turns celebrates and rejects them. Tentatively,… Continue reading #OpenWater by @calebanelson #review @vikingbooksuk

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#HelenandtheGrandbees #blogtour- A reading from author @alexpaintings @legend_times_

Hi there, This wonderful novel is available now and here is a link to a video of the author Alex, reading an extract from the book. Reading Intrigued? The synopsis is below and more details of the book are here. Synopsis: Twenty years ago, Helen is forced to give up her newborn baby, Lily. Now… Continue reading #HelenandtheGrandbees #blogtour- A reading from author @alexpaintings @legend_times_

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#AKissFromMrFitzgerald by @natasha_lester #blogtour review @booksSphere @_francescabanks

My review: This couldn't be a more perfect setting in a book for me. New York, 1920s, perfection! From the start we see Evie's tenacity and bravery. A shocking and tragic incident in their neighbourhood leads her to fight for what she believes in and then sets her on this path to being an obstetrician.… Continue reading #AKissFromMrFitzgerald by @natasha_lester #blogtour review @booksSphere @_francescabanks

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#AMorePerfectUnion by @tammyehuf @myriadeditions #blogtour #extract

I'm delighted to share with you an exciting extract from the new novel by Tammye Huf called A More Perfect Union. This is chapter nine when the central character, Sarah, meets Henry. Chapter 9 Sarah I walk along a dirt road running through an open stretch of scrub sprinkled sparse with trees. I been five… Continue reading #AMorePerfectUnion by @tammyehuf @myriadeditions #blogtour #extract

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#HouseofTrelawney by @Hannah71771890 #bookreview @BloomsburyBooks

Description: The seat of the Trelawney family for over 800 years, Trelawney Castle was once the jewel of the Cornish coast. Each successive Earl spent with abandon, turning the house and grounds into a sprawling, extravagant palimpsest of wings, turrets and follies. But recent generations have been better at spending than making money. Now living… Continue reading #HouseofTrelawney by @Hannah71771890 #bookreview @BloomsburyBooks