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#HappyFamilies by @reallyjuliema #blogtour giveaway @welbeckpublishing @ed_pr

Description: Julie Ma's novel Happy Families has been selected as the winner of the 2020 Richard & Judy Search for a Bestseller competition. Set in a place you never read about and featuring characters you never read about, Happy Families is a tender, funny and heartwarming story for fans of Rachel Joyce, Graeme Simsion, and… Continue reading #HappyFamilies by @reallyjuliema #blogtour giveaway @welbeckpublishing @ed_pr

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#TheThiefontheWingedHorse by @KateMascarenhas @hoZ_books #blogtour review @midasPR

Description: The Kendrick family have been making world-famous dolls for over 200 years. But their dolls aren't coveted for the craftsmanship alone. Each one has a specific emotion laid on it by its creator. A magic that can make you feel bucolic bliss or consuming paranoia at a single touch. Though founded by sisters, now… Continue reading #TheThiefontheWingedHorse by @KateMascarenhas @hoZ_books #blogtour review @midasPR

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#ForgiveMe by @susanlewisbooks #blogtour review @randomttours @fictionpubteam

Description: I can’t forgive myself. Not after what I did. Could you? This is Claudia Winters’s last chance for a fresh start. Changing her name and leaving her old life behind, she has fled to the small town of Kesterly with her mother and daughter. Here, she hopes they can be safe for the first… Continue reading #ForgiveMe by @susanlewisbooks #blogtour review @randomttours @fictionpubteam


#TheTwelveDatesofChristmas by @baylissjenni #review @panmacmillan @rosiewilsreads

Description: When it comes to relationships, thirty-four-year-old Kate Turner is ready to say Bah, humbug. The sleepy town of Blexford, England, isn't exactly brimming with prospects, and anyway, Kate's found fulfillment in her career as a designer, and in her delicious side job baking for her old friend Matt's neighborhood café. But then her best… Continue reading #TheTwelveDatesofChristmas by @baylissjenni #review @panmacmillan @rosiewilsreads

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#ThePretenders by @agatha_zaza #blogtour review @agorabooksLDN

Description : Jasper is ready to surprise his brother; Holly is ready to celebrate their engagement. Anne tags along for fear of missing out, and John might just be going for another drink. But Edmund and Ovidia had other plans for their Saturday. Over the course of one day, these couples must own up to… Continue reading #ThePretenders by @agatha_zaza #blogtour review @agorabooksLDN

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#TheBackUpPlan by @elsiemcarthur #review

Description:Giving up? Or moving on?That’s the question for thirty-something Marsaili McKenzie. Ten years after fleeing her tiny coastal village for dreams of fame and fortune in the big city, she finds herself on the brink of an existential crisis. Far from being the star actress she once imagined, she’s still working as a barmaid in… Continue reading #TheBackUpPlan by @elsiemcarthur #review

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#DearReader by @catretzenbrink #review @picadorbooks @camillaelworthy

Description: For as long as she can remember, Cathy Rentzenbrink has lost and found herself in stories. Growing up she was rarely seen without her nose in a book and read in secret long after lights out. When tragedy struck, books kept her afloat. Eventually they lit the way to a new path, first as… Continue reading #DearReader by @catretzenbrink #review @picadorbooks @camillaelworthy

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#TheHeatwave by @kateriordanuk #blogtour #publicationday review @michaeljbooks

Description: Elodie was beautiful. Elodie was smart. Elodie was troubled. Elodie is dead. Sylvie hasn't been back to her crumbling French family home in years. Not since the death of her eldest daughter Elodie. Every corner of the old house feels haunted by memories of her - memories she has tried to forget. But as… Continue reading #TheHeatwave by @kateriordanuk #blogtour #publicationday review @michaeljbooks

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#TheMidnightLibrary by @matthaig1 #blogtour #review @canongatebooks @zhoulucy105 @ikhuckstep

Description: When Nora Seed finds herself in the Midnight Library, she has a chance to make things right. Up until now, her life has been full of misery and regret. She feels she has let everyone down, including herself. But things are about to change. The books in the Midnight Library enable Nora to live… Continue reading #TheMidnightLibrary by @matthaig1 #blogtour #review @canongatebooks @zhoulucy105 @ikhuckstep

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#TheMissingPiecesofNancyMoon by @sarah_l_steele #blogtour @headlinepg @rosiemargesson

Description: Florence Connelly is broken hearted. Her marriage has collapsed under the weight of the loss she shares with her husband, and her beloved grandmother has just died. Even the joy she found in dressmaking is gone. But things change when Flo opens a box of vintage 1960s dress patterns found inside her grandmother's wardrobe.… Continue reading #TheMissingPiecesofNancyMoon by @sarah_l_steele #blogtour @headlinepg @rosiemargesson