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“Frostfire” by Jamie Smith (blog tour- review)

Description: Chosen for the honour of bonding with a frostsliver – a fragment of the sentient glacier that crests her icy home – Sabira embarks on the dangerous pilgrimage to the top of the mountain. But when a huge avalanche traps her on the glacier and destroys the pass, Sabira is determined to find another way home. In order to survive, she must face up to the merciless mountain – but there are dark and fiery secrets hiding in its depths

My review:

This children’s book (aimed at ages 9 and up) was a fascinating and extraordinary adventure for all ages.

The fantasy world which Jamie has created is amazing. You can imagine in your mind’s eye the dense forest and snowy mountains that are major features in the book.

Sabira and her love for her family are at the centre of this adventure. At the start there is a shocking and violent encounter with their people’s enemies, the Ignatians. I was almost holding my breath at this point as Jamie has created these merciless villains who cause much harm and he depicts them so vividly in all their evil glory.

There is a real sense of deep family bonds, especially with Sabira and her brother Kryan. Their bond is tested because of the serious events that arise and there’s a lot of emotional moments especially toward the end of the book. Their love for each other shines through and saves the day.

The relationship Sabira has with her ‘Frostsliver’ is also written really well. The Frostliver is an inner voice guiding Sabira to where she needs to be and warning her of danger. It’s quite comical at points as they bicker and the Frostsliver can be quite bossy, which made for some funny incidents.

As Sabira goes on her journey her character and strength is tested. As a result her bravery and determination begins to shine through and she becomes the hero in this epic battle. I loved the way that she realised she could be the rescuer, the warrior and that she could be anything she wanted to be. This would be a key message for any young women reading this – an important reminder of inner strength.

I loved reading this and will definitely be keeping it for my little one when she’s older. It’s an amazing debut from Jamie and he is definitely one to watch in the future.

“Frostfire” is published by Chicken House and more details are here.

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